Grab Your Stetson And Join The Funny Folk Of Splodge City In The Wildest Musical in the West!
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"Ye-Ha!" squeezes all the fun and adventure of the old west into a wonderfully wild musical comedy!

Something stinks in Splodge City - and it ain't the drains! Mad Dog McNut and his gang are running wild and Wilbur Hubbard, cowardly cook at the Fordoor Saloon lands the job no-one wants - Sheriff of Splodge. Luckily for Wilbur, Billie-Jo Brisket and her faithful steed Lightning roll into town to lend a hand, and suddenly the race is on to save the town. It's a rootin- tootin tale of crazy cowboys, barmy baddies, masked heroes and hidden gold! "Ye-Ha!" mixes comical characters, a side-splitting script and sparkling songs in a musical that will make your cast shine and your audience go wild in a western way! With parts for between 30 and 50 children plus unlimited chorus parts, this show will suit any size school or group.

"Ye-Ha!" is full of action, dance and witty one-liners right from the start with the opening song "Wild Wild West!" The townsfolk enter and the drama begins as Chip discusses the no-good gang that runs riot in Splodge City. Wilbur is elected as the new sheriff whose job it is to solve the crisis, but unfortunately, as soon as a sheriff is elected, his coffin measurements are taken in the Fordoor Saloon a few moments afterwards by Philius and Festus!

The mayor, Tex Truman enters and we discover his wish to marry Ma Hubbard, Wilbur's mother and owner of the Fordoor Saloon. Wilbur doubts his ability to be the new sheriff, but the saloon girls nonetheless convince him otherwise and this is followed by Wilbur's solo "Where Is The Hero In Me?"

Just like a scene out of the old-time musical "Oklahoma!" Spooner and Rooster enter with a plan to sell their 'remedies' to make a fortune in 'Spoldge City'. Unfortunately, Spooners tendency to mix up his words means that the audience is wary of his 'remedies' immediately! The heroine, Billie-Jo enters to music along with her horse Lightning and talks with the children on stage, asking for a blacksmith; this is an ideal opportunity for the chorus members to become involved. Wilbur and Billie-Jo meet, she is then introduced to the townsfolk and they all join together to sing "Little Ol' Town".

After much anticipation the McNut gang enter to music and introduce themselves. Drama soon follows as Wilbur attempts to settle this problem over a glass of milk (the naivety is quite sweet) and unsurprisingly is mocked. Yet the tables turn as a black-out follows and an unknown stranger succeeds in saving Wilbur with a surprising tactic..."Wild West Hero"follows. Following this lively number, two young boys reveal that there is gold hidden in Splodge City, - the mayor has known all along, - and in a sudden twist, the mayor reveals he is really the villain of the play, determined to get his hands on the gold. In a humorous scene between the two-stroke Indians and Tex, the mayor attempts to discover where the map leading him to the treasure is hidden.

Billie Jo then enters to music and sings "Be A Boy". Upon hearing the McNut gang, she hides and overhears their plan to lock Wilbur in jail. Following this, the Indians enter to music and Tex pays them for their help, but without him knowing, the money is passed down the line to Billie Jo (hiding her true identity with a lone-ranger mask.) Billie-Jo then frees Wilbur from jail anonymously, and shares the mayors dirty secret. Spooner and Rooster enter to music, attempting to sell the topical tonic for life which is marketed brilliantly in"Spooner's Spectacular". Luckily, as the McNut gang enters, Billie-Jo reveals that the topical tonic is really a laxative and Wilbur successfully tricks the gang into taking it which really gets things moving! Everyone celebrates both Wilbur's and Billie Jo's achievements and we discover that the map to the gold is tattooed somewhere unexpected on Wilbur... In a happy ending, the Indians reveal that the gold is really a bubbling oil well hidden in the backyard of the Fordoor Saloon and everyone celebrates in a typical Western song "The Stetson Stomp".

In the following list, the number shows how many spoken lines each role has. An asterisk (*) before the character's name indicates that this character ALSO has solo or featured sung lines.

Character Name Number of Lines
Mayor Tex Truman 100
* Wilbur Hubbard 86
* Billie-Jo Brisket 73
Ma Annie Hubbard 62
Chip Checker 40
* Dr Cornelius Spooner 36
Howling Mad Dog McNut 36
Dwayne Dimples 35
Chief Walking Weasel 25
Bronco Bill 22
Old Amos 18
Philius Snuffitt 18
Old Seth 17
Festus Rott 14
Rooster 12
Buzz 8
Squatting Poodle 8
Buck 7
Jumping Jaguar 7
Levi Vandergelder 7
Towering Wild Bear 7
Butch 6
Dolly Vandergelder 6
Leaping Leopard 6
Miss Bracegirdle 6
Smith Ironside 6
Brad 4
Bret 4
Bud 4
Chad Checker 4
Claude the Barber 4
Clifford the Barber 4
Clint the Barber 4
Clyde the Barber 4
Bonnie 3
Casey 3
Dixie 3
Ellie 3
Frankie 3
Sonny Ironside 3
Verity Vandergelder 3
Virginia Vandergelder 3


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5 Star Rating

"Our production of Ye-Ha! was great. The costumes were easy to provide and the script and songs were excellent. We love Craig's jokes."

Hill Top Primary School, Leeds

5 Star Rating

"One of the best shows we have ever done. The show really captured the Wild West and was enjoyed by boys and girls alike. The parents roared with laughter. Inspired writing from Craig - thank you."

Corrine Wellby, Upper Beeding Primary School, West Sussex

5 Star Rating

"Our Yr 5s and 6s have just performed Ye-Ha! as their end of year show. I have been teaching for over 20 years, and this certainly ranks as one of the most successful and enjoyable performances I've been involved in. The songs are catchy and easy to learn and the script full of one liners which amused children and adults alike. There are plenty of parts to involve reluctant boys - the McNut gang with their undies were very sought after parts."

Helen Hitchins, Redgate Junior, Hunstanton

5 Star Rating

"We did Ye-Ha! in 2009 and it was FANTASTIC. This year's cast is SO excited to do it again!! GREAT PLAY!!"

Sandy Stone, California

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