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Meet the world’s newest, greatest and most unlikely Superhero in this comical musical that's packed with muscle and marvel!
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Meet the world’s newest, greatest and most unlikely Superhero in this comical musical packed with muscle and marvel!

Stanley Marvel may be the clumsiest clot in Megaville, but he lives an ordinary life. That is until it’s turned upside-down when he discovers that local hero, The Candy King, is actually a super-villain determined to rule the world! As the sugary charlatan and his mad minions enslave the citizens with hypnotic gobstoppers and a giant remote control, Stan knows Megaville is in need of a Superhero. But when his crazy Gran and her crumbly chums reveal an earth-shattering secret, Stan’s shocked to discover his own true identity! With a dose of secret formula and a pair of fantastic elastic anti-gravity pants, Stanley Marvel takes to the skies as the greatest superhero the world has ever known. Is it a bird, is it a plane? No, it's Superstan - a caped crusader fighting for truth, freedom and justice with his super powers, super tights and the strength to open a really tricky jar of pickles! Can Superstan crush The Candy King and save the planet? Find out in this funtastic adventure as our hapless superhero flies by the seat of his pants, faster than a speeding paper aeroplane, and learns that with great power comes great hilarity!

This marvellous musical packs a powerful punch with its witty script, crazy characters and spectacular songs, giving your cast and audience an unforgettable show that’s quite simply… SUPER!

The curtain rises on a comic book scene, narrated by dramatic reporter Max Volume. It’s midnight at City Hall and the Mayor of Megaville is being threatened by super-villain The Bogeyman! The terrified citizens and Mayor are relieved when, with a flourishing fanfare, Superstan flies to their rescue and defeats the Bogeyman with witty banter and a stylised musical battle complete with comic captions such as “Thwack” and “Kaboom”! The Mayor and citizens congratulate Superstan and chant his name in celebration as the scene dissolves into morning in Megaville’s Proton Park, where sweet seller Stanley Marvel stands dreamily in Superstan’s pose.

As the chants become a voice calling Stanley’s name in an attempt to wake him, we realise that we have just witnessed his daydream of being a superhero. Stan’s friend DC wakes him from his slumber and berates him for his superhero obsession and constant daydreaming, explaining that he is missing out on the real adventure, life, and introduces the fun opening number “Live A Little”.

Stan’s hysterically eccentric Gran, Ruby Marvel, enters and embarrasses her grandson by trying to keep him comically warm and well fed, then introduces her friends, the crazy Crumblies. They inform Stan he needs more drive and ambition, but it also becomes clear that Stan has a peculiar problem with clumsiness. A sudden commotion erupts as the whole city gathers for a special event organised by Mayor Doughnut, who arrives to announce Megaville’s “Hero Of The Year” award. The recipient is local sweet maker The Candy King who, we realise, has won the award with dirty tricks and bribery. He offers free gobstoppers to the citizens, and a cream cake to the Mayor, to be presented by clumsy Stanley Marvel. Stanley nervously carries the cake, recalling how his clumsiness ruined his other jobs in the flashback song “Staggering Stanley”. Through the song he brings the marines to their knees, destroys a priceless vase and, returning to the present day, throws the cream cake at the Mayor to find himself fired on the final beat!

Our broadcasting narrators Max Volume and Sunny Day take us to the Fun Factory, the Candy King’s confectionary factory, where we meet his three mad scientists and discover the terrifying truth behind the Candy King. He is a super villain planning to conquer the world with his evil sweets. Curly and Wurly, two dim-witted new recruits from the rent-a-villain agency, arrive in the evil elevator to join the Candy King’s team and we meet the minions, the factory’s team of workers and mini-ninjas. The Candy King proudly displays his past evil achievements and explains that his seemingly kind free gift to the people of Megaville were actually hypnotic gobstoppers, allowing him to command every citizen with his giant remote control! Max and Sunny return us to Proton Park, where DC attempts to cheer up an unemployed Stan with the song “Every Step Of The Way (Pre-Reprise)”.

They are interrupted by Gran and her Crumblies who bring worrying news of strange events in the city. They hide and watch as Curly and Wurly enter with the giant Remote Control and use it on passing citizens with hilarious results. As they leave to make more mischief, Stan, DC and the Crumblies discuss the revelations, but Gran has some revelations of her own. She and her elderly chums explain their mysterious past as secret scientists who developed Formula Forty Four which gave them superpowers. They had become Superheroes back in their prime and defeated the villains of the day, but lost Stan’s grandfather in the process. Gran then reveals that she had accidentally given him a half-dose of formula when he was a baby, explaining his hidden strength and clumsiness. Knowing this is Megaville’s only chance, she gives Stan the second half-dose and in a comical transformation Stanley Marvel becomes Superstan! Gran explains that although he has many powers, he cannot fly without the aid of “the most powerful object in the universe” and dramatically presents him with a pair of fantastic elastic Anti-Gravity Pants. Stan puts them on and the chorus enter to sing the fun-filled number, “Anti-Gravity Pants”.

At the offices of the Daily Globe, editor Dan Deadline scalds his reporters for failing to find news so they are delighted when they receive a text about the strange events happening across the city. We jump to City Hall, where a fuming Mayor Doughnut is chastising General Commotion and his marines for allowing the morning’s cream cake chaos. Things turn from bad to worse when the Mayor receives a text about the mayhem in Megaville. Pestered by the press, he addresses the Megaville citizens telling them of the Superheroes that had defended the city in the past and showing them the Big Red Button that called them to action. With one press, Superstan arrives to save the day and all sing the exciting song “Superstan”.

Back at The Fun Factory, the Candy King is having staffing problems with the Minions and solves it by shrinking one of them with his Candy Cane shrink ray. The villains don’t believe Curly and Wurly when they return with news of the city’s new superhero, but when the Toffee Apple Computer is eventually fired up and emits a superhero alert, they discover the truth and the Candy King decides to control the citizens to kidnap the Mayor and prepare a trap for Superstan. Max and Sunny return us to Proton Park, where Superstan is undergoing intensive and comical training from his mentors, the Crumblies. However, when the time comes to go into battle for real, Stan is suddenly unsure of his new abilities and Gran and DC assure him they will help as Gran and the chorus sing the uplifting song “Every Step Of The Way”.

We return for the final time to the Fun Factory at midnight, where the hypnotised citizens hold Mayor Doughnut captive. When he refuses to concede defeat, the Candy King commands the citizens to take their prisoner to the dungeon, then goes to prepare for Superstan, leaving Curly and Wurly alone on lookout duty with the remote control. When Superstan arrives, they throw the remote at him and try to escape to the secret basement using the evil elevator, but speedy Superstan beats them to it and uses the remote to control them, discovering the Candy King’s plans. The marines arrest the villainous duo alongside the mad scientists, leaving Superstan to face the minions in a comical musical battle with a hilarious final twist. DC, Gran and the Crumblies arrive to give Stan his Utensil Belt with many useful kitchen utensils, and Gran warns him of the possibility of the formula effects wearing off. The gang race off to hunt baddies and rescue prisoners, we see the press searching for headlines and finally Superstan is alone and about to face Candy King. Suddenly the formula fails, his powers fade and he transforms back into mortal Stanley Marvel at just the wrong moment. But Stan, knowing the city relies on him, decides to make a stand anyway and sings the dramatic solo “Behind The Mask”.

The Candy King confronts Stanley who bravely stands up to the villain, but Gran comes to the rescue just in time with an emergency booster shot of Formula Forty Four. Another comical transformation sees Superstan return to delight of the now freed prisoners and citizens. The Candy King makes a startling revelation of his own, but when Stan refuses to join him on the dark side, the villain attempts to shrink Stan with his Candy Cane. A clever idea from DC turns the tables and it is the Candy King who is brought down to size. In the joyous relief and celebration, Superstan’s identity is revealed to everyone’s amazement and all sing the rousing finale “Staggering Reprise”. A show-stopping reprise of “Superstan” brings the show to a thrilling conclusion.

N.B. In the following list, the number shows how many spoken lines each role has. An asterisk (*) before the character's name indicates that this character ALSO has solo or featured sung lines.

Character Name Number of Lines
Candy King 82
*Gran 63
Curly 52
*Stanley Marvel 50
Wurly 48
*Mayor 45
*DC 45
Superstan 45
Max Volume 27
Bernard 25
Frank 24
Gloria 23
Dan Deadline 19
Dr What 18
Dr When 18
Dr Why 17
General Commotion 17
Sunny Day 16
The Bogeyman 7
Peter 7
Parker 7
Clark 6
Kent 6
Private Keep Out 5
Private Eye 3
Private Property 3
Private Matters 3
The Curator 3
Banjo 3
Haribo 3
Ferrero 3
Freddo 3
Thornton 3
Cadbury 3
Fizz 3
Whizz 1
Buzz 1
Pow 1
Ouch 1
Wham 1
Zap 1
Klang 1


Click below to read extracts from the Script or Piano Vocal Score:

Superstan Sample Script

Superstan Sample Score


*These PDF files require a PDF reader such as Adobe Acrobat.

5 Star Rating

"A Craig Hawes show is always a guaranteed hit at our school, but Superstan has to be his best yet! The superhero theme had every child hooked from the first read-through and they couldn't wait to rehearse! A brilliantly written script packed with hilarious jokes and slapstick and wonderfully catchy songs that children learn quickly and love to sing. The audience response was overwhelming, our parents were thrilled, so thanks for a "Super" show!"

Peter Dellafiled, St. Luke's Primary

5 Star Rating

"Wow, what can I say? Simply the best children's musical I've produced. It's full of non-stop lively fun and action, every song is fantastic (the teachers were singing and dancing in the staffroom), the script is pure genius and had the children and adults in stitches. Our audience loved every moment, a standing ovation each night!"

J Chambers, Year 5 Teacher

5 Star Rating

"Our pupils LOVED the fun and exciting comic-book theme. Such a clever story and hysterically funny from start to end. Everyone had their moment to shine and performed with enthusiasm thanks to the hilarious script and catchy songs. The real Superhero has to be Craig Hawes for writing another epic show which our pupils and their parents will never forget!"

Angela Campbell

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