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Take the trip of a lifetime in this musical comedy that's straight out of the ark!
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Don't miss the boat! Jump aboard and take the trip of a lifetime with "SPLASH!" - a wonderfully wet and wild musical comedy version of Noah's Ark,  told from the animals' point of view!

Preston Parrot is on a mission to save his animal friends from the greatest flood in history. But when no one believes his news, he resorts to a little deception and arranges a luxury cruise on board "The Ark!" Aboard, you'll find a crew of colourful comic characters, including ballroom dancing giraffes, loopy lemmings, a band of brutal pirate rats and a love-sick French cat! The journey is overflowing with surprises - a rock and roll party, a kidnap, a storm and a rescue are just some of the twists and turns that make this show an adventure you'll never forget! "SPLASH!" combines a fun story, hilarious script and a superb score full of incredible songs to guarantee you a production that your cast and audience will love. With parts for between 30 and 50 children plus unlimited chorus parts, this show will suit any size school or group. A CD featuring dazzling, fully orchestrated backing tracks is available. A CD of vocal tracks is also available which can be used for rehearsals and performances.

"Life is a Magical Journey" opens the play as Preston the Parrot sets the scene on a busy ship as he prepares to set sail with his passengers. A flashback follows as the audience then learn how Preston came to end up as captain of a ship full of animals... It all started when Preston received a telegram from his Captain who warned him that the world was going to end with forty days and forty nights of rain and it was down to Preston to save everyone. Unfortunately, the hardest part for Preston would not be building the ship, but persuading everyone to take him seriously! His first challenge is to persuade Joan and George Giraffe that the world is about to end but unfortunately they are both set on practising their ballroom dance so are too busy to take Preston seriously! His following visit to Bruce and Sheila isn't successful either as they are relaxed about the situation and merely decide to cancel their barbeque! Eventually Preston comes up with a crafty idea to tell his friends that they have all won tickets for a luxury cruise in order to get them all on board the ship safely before the rain starts; "Two by Two" follows as he hands out the tickets. However unbeknown to Preston, a group of rats sneak on board and plan to enjoy the luxury cruise by eating all the food but before they can start their feast they are interrupted by the Cabin Crew, a group of seagulls, who enjoy excluding Malcolm the Penguin and giving him all the nasty cleaning jobs. Yet there isn't time for arguments as the passengers are welcomed aboard their "luxury cruise" during "In A Floating Zoo". However below decks the rats are busy welcoming themselves as they plan to scavenge as much food as they can find! Meanwhile Antonio and Adriana Armadillo are up to mischief of their own as they enter chatting secretly describing themselves as the world's most suspicious spies! Things then begin to deteriorate as the passengers get restless with the constant rain and Preston begins to panic about telling them the truth and decides to throw a party to get everyone in good spirits before he shares his big secret. Unfortunately for him, Harry and Scab the rats overhear him and decide to spread the news for him! However the party lacks any spirit and events spiral downhill as two passengers are about to give birth. Luckily, after two cork popping sounds the babies appear happy and healthy and the party can get underway during "Everybody Monkey Around". Yet the party spirit doesn't last long as a note is discovered from the rats who have taken Polly Parrot hostage and won't give her back until Preston hands over command of the ship; Preston's secret is out and he has lost his wife! "When Life Was Good" follows as the passengers reminisce. However the peace is interrupted by the rats entering with Polly, but after a quick and painless battle the passengers emerge victorious and they understand why Preston tricked them and forgive him. Yet the peace doesn't last long as it is discovered that Mrs Dodo has fallen overboard! Luckily, Malcolm comes to the rescue and after a heroic display the Cabin Crew decide to promote him and give him a white uniform that he has desired for so long! "Blue Skies Ahead" is sung by everyone as they share feelings of optimism and just as things seem like they can't get any better, the skies turn to blue and "When A Rainbow Fills The Sky" ends the show.

In the following list, the number shows the number of spoken lines each role has. An asterisk (*) before the character's name indicates that this character ALSO has solo or featured sung lines.

Character Name Number of Lines
*Preston Parrot 96
Polly Parrot 64
*Cedric Seagull 62
Pierre Puse 48
Crusty Scab 44
Malcolm Penguin 37
*Cecil Seagull 26
*Simon Seagull 22
Joan Giraffe 20
*Seymour Seagull 18
Adriana Armadillo 14
Hattie Hippo 12
Derek Dodo 12
Hal Hippo 11
Antonio Armadillo 10
Bruce Kangaroo 10
Sheila Kangaroo 10
Harry Tosis 10
Dribble 9
Belch 9
George Giraffe 9
Mickey Monkey 9
Lola Lion 9
Dotty Dodo 9
Bert Bunny 9
Mindy Monkey 8
Lenny Lion 8
Belinda Bunny 8
Max Mouse 8
Martha Mouse 8
Widdle 4
Plop 4
Snot 3
Bogies 3
Puke 3
Whiff 3
Benny Bunny 1
Bernie Bunny 1
Twitch Mouse 1
Sniff Mouse 1
Bubble Mouse 1
Squeak Mouse 1


Click below to read extracts from the Script or Piano Vocal Score:

Splash Sample Script

Splash Sample Score


Please note that an Easy Play Score is also available.

*These PDF files require a PDF reader such as Adobe Acrobat.

5 Star Rating

"A fantastic script. Characters were brilliant and music outstanding! Craig Hawes is a genius!!"

Sue Halton - Drama Teacher

5 Star Rating

" The children loved singing the magical songs and the c/d was such a help with all in just the right key for young voices. Last Saturday was the big day and what a success.Comments of "One of the best ever" and "so funny "from parents ( many who had a tear or two during the Rainbow number) We had great fun producing the show and the kids just loved becoming their comical characters. Well done Craig some wonderful songs and some great script. We shall be looking at more of your shows for future productions and have already highly recommended SPLASH to many others Keep em coming!"

Ronnie, Galaxy Theatre Arts, South Wales

5 Star Rating

"The kids loved it.... The parents raved about it.... Splash was so easy to stage and costume. Everyone loved the music and it was so easy to direct!!!! I highly reccommend it. We are Craig Hawes fans over here!!! We need some new plays!"

Rising Star Perfoming Arts Trust, Whangarei. NZ

5 Star Rating

"One of our most successful productions to date. Lots of laughs, very colourful, lovely music. The number of speaking parts meant that each child's talents could be accommodated. So many compliments from the parents and other staff."

J Redman, St Mary's School, Gerrards Cross

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