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Join Arthur and the knights of the Round Table on Camelot's craziest quest in this hilarious musical adventure!
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Join Arthur and the knights of the Round Table on Camelot's craziest quest in this hilarious musical adventure!

A castle full of colourful characters join in the fun, including precocious princesses, a talking dragon - and not forgetting Merlin and his magic mirror! When young squire Watt Cobblers is expelled from Knight School, he reluctantly becomes Merlin's new apprentice. But trouble is never far away, and soon Camelot Castle collapses into chaos. Merlin has lost Excalibur, King Arthur's daughters have been kidnapped and his brave knights have turned into chickens. Watt and his new found friends Dusty Dragon and wayward Princess Alice set off on the biggest quest of their lives. But can our unlikely heroes rescue the princesses, save Excalibur and defeat the evil Black Knight? The answers are found in this magical production, where everyone is guaranteed to sing a lot, dance a lot and laugh a lot... at Camelot!

"What A Knight!" brings together a thrilling story, side-splitting script and a score full of contagiously catchy songs to give you a spectacular show that will be a sure hit with both cast and audience. With parts for between 26 and 60 children, plus unlimited chorus parts, this show will suit any size cast.

'What A Knight' is packed full of witty one liners; even the names of the characters will get you chuckling. Lester Lugabout enters and sets the scene, followed by the ensemble singing 'The Castle Of Camelot'. Moving swiftly into action, the royal family and courtiers prepare for the kings birthday celebrations; this scene allows the characters to introduce themselves... 'King Arthur Ain't 'Arf A Bad King!' follows. The audience are then transported to Kitty's Kitchen where the two guards are sent to taste the food in preparation for the banquet. Jake the Jolly Jester and Watt Cobbler make an appearance and the audience sympathise with Kitty Cobblers son as he describes his failed attempts at becoming a knight (this is shown in a flashback scene.) Following this is a comical scene between Kitty and her son as Watt fails miserably at helping his mother to cook the all-important scones.

Merlin the Magic Magician enters, trying desperately to find something which leaves the audience bemused and inquisitive; Watt reappears and Kitty presents her son with a book for his birthday present 'How to be a Hero' (unsurprisingly Watt cannot hide his disappointment!) On the other side of the stage, Princess Alice, who is also failing at becoming a princess is presented with a book and as they sing a duet either side of the stage, 'How To Be Me' the audience predict a friendship emerging!

We then move to another castle, eerie and dingy, in which the Black Knight and his Army discuss a plan to kidnap the princesses to hold them ransom in return for Excalibur-the sword that will pronounce the Black Knight king. The audience are transported back to Camelot castle (a friendlier environment!) and Watt begins as an apprentice for Merlin the Magician in which the audience witness a comical interaction between the two. His first job involves labeling bottles of potions and the audience have a funny feeling he is going to get it wrong... Watt encounters Princess Alice and her pet, Dusty the Dragon and Merlin reveals his worries with the three of them; he has shrunk Excalibur in order to hide it from the Black Knight but has lost it! 'One Of A Kind' follows.

A flirtatious scene between the princesses and knights follow and soon after, the princesses are captured. (The knights jump at the chance to save them!) This puts Merlin under even more pressure to find Excalibur; 'We're On A Quest' follows and provides a contrast to the Black Knights castle in which the Black Knight uses Marvin the Mirror to reveal King Arthur's strategy to rescue his daughters.

In the following scene, Watt discovers that instead of taking the strength potion, the knights who have gone to save the princesses took the animal potion. A Reprise of 'We're On A Quest' follows. At the Black Knights castle, the knights drink the potion which leaves Alice, Watt and Dusty the Dragon to successfully defeat the Black Knights army and set the prisoners free. However, in a sudden twist of plot, the Black Knight returns to Camelot but is defeated by Alice and Watt in a surprising manner! All ends happily as Excalibur is found (in an unexpected place...) and Watt finds that his book really did come in useful... 'What A Knight' ends the show.

In the following list, the number shows how many spoken lines each role has. An asterisk (*) before the character's name indicates that this character ALSO has solo or featured sung lines.

Character Name Number of Lines
* Watt Cobblers 92
Merlin The Magician 73
The Black Knight 69
Kitty Cobblers 64
Bernie Blackhead 49
Ernie Blackhead 49
* Princess Alice 48
King Arthur 42
Lester Lugabout 40
* Dusty Dragon 34
Queen Guinevere 24
Marvin The Magic Mirror 21
Earl Axminster 20
Maid Molly 20
Jolly Jake The Jester 17
Princess Alberta 14
Scratch The Guard 14
Sniff The Guard 13
Colin Calvin 12
Keith Klein 12
Lord Dorking 12
Princess Alfreda 12
Sir Roundsound 12
Lord Dudley 11
Princess Almira 11
Lord Dent 10
Squire Salvador 8
Squire Samuel 8
Squire Sylvester 8
Sir Cumference 7
Sir Render 7
Squire Sebastian 7
Sir Loinsteak 6
Sir Curity 5
Sir Veillance 5
Squire Scott 5
Squire Stan 5
Squire Steve 5
Squire Syd 5
Bad Ben 2
Bad Bert 2
Bad Bill 2
Bad Bob 2
Bad Brian 2


Click below to read extracts from the Script or Piano Vocal Score:

What A Knight Sample Script

What A Knight Sample Score


Please note that an Easy Play Score is also available.

*These PDF files require a PDF reader such as Adobe Acrobat.

5 Star Rating

"We have performed this as our End of Year Key Stage 2 production. The Year 6 absolutely loved the script from the moment they first read through it and were very excited! The choir also enjoyed singing the songs. Last night was our first performance and the parents thought it was great and laughed at all the jokes! A great script and catchy songs makes this a fantastic choice for a Year 6 cast. Thank you!"

Happy Year 6 Teacher

5 Star Rating

"This is the second summer we have used a Hawes script for our two-week musical theater camp. Last summer we did Ye Ha! What is really great about these scripts is that each role has lines and a defined character. It allows us the opportunity to work with every child on character development. While Ye Ha allowed us to use our American accents (we even have the cowboy part down really well out here), we used What a Knight to also provide the students some accent work. The scripts easily accommodate the 40 or so students we have in our camp each year and the entire artistic and production team has a great time working on the show. The music is fun and simple enough to learn quickly, the length of the show perfect and the jokes are very funny as well. With all those elements we were able to pull off great productions in just 7 days of rehearsal at the camp. We can't wait to find another Hawes script for our 2011 summer camp."

Mrs. Reeves, DFT Gecko Teatro Youth Theater, Cave Creek - Arizona - USA

5 Star Rating

"Our Year 6 children have had us in hysterics today performing this to the rest of the school. Other teachers said it was the best play they've seen performed at the school for a long while. What can I say? Excellent script and music makes it really easy to stage and the kids just love performing it. Thanks to the composer!"

Melanie Oakley, Sybourn Primary School, London

5 Star Rating

"A really great show which transports children and parents back in to the dark ages with consummate ease! The songs are catchy, but not too ambitious for a week's holiday workshop, but children learned the lines quickly and relished producing a fabulous performance with our team of directors.  What a Knight! will not let you down. A big hit and highly recommended."

John Lucey, Stagecoach, Galway

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