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Get Set For The Race Of Your Life In This Whizz Of A Musical That's Sure To Be A Runaway Success!
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Based upon The Tortoise and the Hare, Zoom is a sparkling musical comedy which retells the famous fable in a very unusual way!

Harvey Hare, wealthy business tycoon, is running for Mayor of Evergreen Valley, but his methods are rather underhand. When his small, shell-shuffling employee Toby Tortoise discovers the truth, he challenges Harvey and the stage is set for the race of all time.

It's a race between fast and slow, big and small, right and wrong... but who will win in the end?

With nine outstanding songs ranging from beautiful ballads to show-stopping chorus numbers, the score is guaranteed to be a hit with everyone.

The witty, humorous script mixes comedy and pathos and is brought to life by a cast of colourful characters. With speaking parts for 20 to 44 youngsters aged 7 to 11, plus unlimited chorus parts, this is an ideal production for schools of all sizes.

"Brand New Day" opens this 'hare'-raising musical and after Evergreen Valley is filled with music, the tortoise family introduce themselves before talk turns to the upcoming election for the new mayor; the battle is between Harvey Hare and Henry Hedgehog. "Daddy Tortoise" follows as Toby tries to convince his children of the advantages of being a tortoise.

The following scene sees the Hare family sitting around their breakfast table which is full of sumptuous food. Harvey oozes confidence for the election but it soon becomes apparent that he is not popular with the younger hares in his family; they think he's pompous and arrogant. Unfortunately their dislike for their elder brother will work against Harvey later...

The audience then discover that Harvey is not only arrogant but also scheming, as he meets with Phil and Fred Fox who help him to steal a prize sunflower from Lady Lucinda's garden. Their plan is to 'plant' the sunflower in Henry Hedgehog's briefcase so he is caught and expelled from the election; "A Couple of Evil Doers" follows appropriately!

The stage then transforms into a busy office at "Hare And Co." as the animals prepare for the election conference. Although all seems to be going well, it's not long before the plant is discovered and despite Henry's protests that it wasn't him, Harvey appears victorious. That is, until Toby overhears Harvey laughing at the success of his scheme, and a confrontation between the two leads results in them both agreeing to have a race the following day; Harvey bets everything he owns including the title of mayor, against everything that Toby owns.

That night, Toby begins to have doubts about his abilities, but his wife, Shelly, gives him confidence as she sings "Believe in Your Dream." Meanwhile, the tortoise children rush to get the help of Harvey's younger siblings, Hip and Hop, who are eager to work against their brother; and boy does Toby need their help!

"The Race" signals the start of a battle between Harvey and Toby but whilst the tortoise plays fair, the hare is back up to his old tricks which include dynamite, glue and fake signposts! Luckily, the children are always one step behind him, clearing up his dirty tricks before Toby suffers the consequences. So even when Toby has doubts during "So Much More" his determination pays off because unaware that the tortoise has not suffered from any of his tricks, Harvey decides to take forty winks which is perhaps one wink too many because Toby ends up winning the race!

After the children reveal the Hare's dirty tricks, the foxes and the Hare are taken away by local policemen, allowing the tortoise family and all their friends to rejoice and celebrate together; "Daddy Tortoise" ends the show.

In the following list, the number shows how many spoken lines each role has. An asterisk (*) before the character's name indicates that this character ALSO has solo or featured sung lines.

Character Name Number of Lines
* Harvey Hare 107
* Phil Fox 61
* Toby Tortoise 55
* Fred Fox 50
Jack Daw 41
* Shelly Tortoise 38
Hip 25
Hyacinth Hare 25
Plod 25
Dally 23
Hop 22
Lady Lucinda 22
Dilly 18
Harold Hare 16
Reggie Rat 15
Crawl 13
Henry Hedgehog 12
Dawdle 11
Harriet 11
Mr Beaver 11
Spike 11
Squirmy 11
Spiny 10
Holly Hedgehog 9
Mr Badger 9
Jenkins 6
Squeaky 6
Bunty Bunny 5
Squidgy 5
Squinty 5
Betty Bunny 4
Bill Budgie 3
Happy 3
Mr Ferret 3
Mr Weasel 3
PC Parsnip 3
Jenny Wren 2
Jerry Journal 2
Squaddy 2
Squashy 2
Squeezy 2
Squelch 2
Dan Daily 1
Sam Sunday 1


Click below to read extracts from the Script or Piano Vocal Score:

Zoom Sample Script

Zoom Sample Score


Please note that an Easy Play Score is also available.

*These PDF files require a PDF reader such as Adobe Acrobat.

5 Star Rating

"We have just finished our run of performances of this excellent show! Everyone loved it and were thoroughly entertained for the evening. The magic of this show is that it allows so many children to have their “starring moments” on the stage and the audience participation just creates a special atmosphere. Would recommend this show without reservation, especially as a leavers’ performance for Year 6 children and hope that others enjoy it as much as us!"

David Metcalfe, St. Bede Primary School, Winchester

5 Star Rating

"A superb script and marvellous songs. The children loved the show, and parents were over-the-moon! This was the best Year 6 show I've ever been involved in - I can't recommend this highly enough. Fab!"

James Green, Claremont Primary School, Tunbridge Wells

5 Star Rating

"OUTSTANDING MUSICAL. Exciting roles and parts for everyone highly recommended. BRAVO!!!!!!!"

The Paramount Theatre, New York State - USA

5 Star Rating

"A fantastic script and CD filled with superb, catchy songs that both the children and the audience loved! Great sound effects and short musical clips to cover the scene changes. Would recommend to any school who want a wonderful performance!"

St. Pauls Primary School

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