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Helpful answers to some FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS

How do I purchase and perform a Craig Hawes musical?
Musicline Publications publish all of Craig's works and have a superb website where you can purchase scripts, scores and CDs. These are available as physical items or instant downloads, with scripts in PDF and Word formats. Musicline also provide the performing licence that you will need to be able to perform the musical legally. If you wish to make copies of the script or score for your pupils, you will need to purchase a photocopying licence, also available from Musicline.
Do we have to pay to perform a Craig Hawes musical?
Yes. In addition to purchasing the material (scripts, scores and CDs) you will need to buy a Performing Licence. A license is required for every performance of the musical, regardless of whether or not you charge for admission. Performing licenses are how a writer gets paid for his work and it is illegal to perform a show without one. However, the fees are very reasonable and easily arranged through Musicline Publications.
Do we need a pianist or music specialist?
No, all Craig’s musicals are designed to be performed with backing tracks supplied on CD which include everything from songs to incidental music and sound effects! Vocal CDs help you to teach the songs (which are so catchy they almost teach themselves) so no musical specialism is required. For those who prefer piano accompaniment in rehearsals or performances, a piano vocal score is available—often in different versions for different abilities.
How many children can perform a Craig Hawes musical?
Usually as many as you would like - each show has been performed by casts ranging from a small class to an entire school! Each musical page has details on casting, but a general rule is around 40 to 50 speaking parts—this is flexible and can often be reduced to half of this with doubling or condensing of characters. Of course, you can include extra speaking parts plus unlimited chorus members and even an additional choir, making these musicals suitable for an entire key stage or school!
Do you provide help with learning songs or dances?
Yes, some shows now come with a fantastic “Sing It” software that displays synchronised lyrics on screen and has proved to teach songs to children without any teacher input! Some shows also offer a “Dance It” choreography DVD to help you learn and teach simple but effective choreography for every song in the show.
Can we make alterations to the show in any way?
It depends on what you want to alter. Musicals for children have to be flexible to cater for different situations and casts. Extending or condensing the cast is acceptable, as is splitting or condensing lines. For more extensive alterations such as adding or removing songs or sections of script, permission should be sought. The easiest way to do that is to get in touch here on the website and we’ll do our best to accommodate your request.
Are Craig Hawes musicals trialled before publication?
Yes, all shows go through a year of trials, first in summer workshops and then in various primary schools. The shows are performed in large schools, small schools, theatres and even a converted barn with casts of different ages and sizes to ensure they are truly flexible and work wonderfully in all situations.
We have done all Craig’s shows—are there any more?
Craig is always busy with new projects, and new musicals are always in the pipeline. News of new shows can always be found on this website, and if you are interested in trialling a new work prior to publication please get in touch.
Can we invite Craig to our school?
Yes, of course! Craig provides play in a week workshops for primary schools but is always happy to visit for a day or half-day to work with youngsters on song writing, script writing or performance skills. He also makes time to attend occasional performances, so feel free to get in touch and invite him!
Is Craig a crazy genius?
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