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Default FrameCraig’s shows are written with a vast array of different characters from comic to serious and non speaking to many lines.  His productions have been tried and tested with many different types of schools and performing groups and although many may choose to work over several weeks or even months putting a production together it is possible to put these productions on within a week with the children literally learning their lines overnight. Using the “Speaking Roles by Number of Lines” in the script and your list of students in score order start to marry the students with their parts. Of course this is not as straight forward as simply putting the student with the highest score into the part with the most amount of lines and working down the lists in that way, but it does help. Take into consideration what type of character would suit a particular student. You may have someone who is a comic genius but according to their score you should put them in a serious role with far more lines than the comedy role– it is more important to cast with character suitability and use the scoring as guidance. Of course this is important when choosing a student for a part which has a singing solo.

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