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Your Director's Script

Default FrameAs director you will have a lot to remember during the production process.  Each individual performer only really has to remember what they are doing themselves, however, you will have to remember all of the movements and directions for all the performers! It is therefore vital that absolutely everything is written into your director’s script. Plan a scene before you direct it and write all the directions into your script. As this may well change over the rehearsal process, make sure that you use a pencil so that alterations can be made easily.
All Craig Hawes musicals are extremely flexible as far as the script is concerned, however, there are certain rules which must be adhered to. For productions with fewer cast members, condensing and doubling of characters is possible, reallocating lines where needed. To expand the cast, unlimited chorus parts may be used. However, for addition of lines or larger changes to the script or music permission would have to be sought from Craig himself through Musicline Publications. If in doubt you would be advised to check.

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