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Default FrameAll the music required to stage a Craig Hawes production, including sound effects, is found on the Backing Track and Vocal Track CDs available from Musicline Publications.   Incidental music including Overture, Play On, Play Off and Scene Change tracks, are provided to allow cast and chorus entrances, exits and scene changes to occur smoothly without pauses, resulting in a slick performance. The backing tracks without vocals are ideal to use in rehearsals and performances. Often there may be a quick succession of music or sound effects, as in Scene 7 of Ali Baba & the Bongo Bandits, and these are included on the CD. However, due to the speed of repetition at times it may be more practical to use a live sound effect or we highly recommend the use of ‘sound cue’ software which allows for instant playback at the touch of a tablet screen or computer keyboard. This can aid smooth and seamless playback of all sound cues for an entire show and is often easier, more flexible and more reliable than using a CD player. It is important to teach your performers about projecting their voices so that everyone in the audience can hear, however it is always useful to give young performers a bit of a boost with microphones. If you have the luxury of radio microphones for solo singers then that’s fantastic, but you really don’t need mics for everyone. Craig’s shows usually have a maximum of 4 soloists and possibly a couple of characters who speak over music– try having 2 or 3 mics that can be swapped from person to person during the performance. This will reduce your expenses.

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