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Default FrameAll the music required to stage Craig's musicals, including sound effects, is found on the Backing Track and Vocal Track CDs.  Incidental music including Overture, Play On, Play Off and Scene Change tracks, are provided to allow cast and chorus entrances, exits and scene changes to occur smoothly without pauses, resulting in a slick performance. A vocal recording is provided as a guide and to enable the swift learning of songs. The backing tracks without vocals are ideal to use in rehearsals and performances. Directors may, if they wish, allow a choir or separate character to accompany or replace a soloist in a song or section intended for a soloist. This may be necessary if certain cast members are unable to perform the solo themselves or a larger chorus is required to be employed more fully. Many directors use a CD player in performances, but we suggest you consider transferring tracks to an iPad or similar tablet and use a playback App such as "Go Button" - brilliant software that gives instant playback of any track at the touch of a screen. 

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