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Default FrameAudition sheets are ready for you to print out for all of Craig’s shows here on this website.  They should be given to the students at least a week before the audition to allow plenty of time to practice in groups. It should be stressed that it is not essential for the section to be learnt off by heart– they won’t get extra points for doing this, however they will find it much easier to act, show their characters and use more expression if they are not trying to follow the words on the sheet in their hand. The students need to be reminded of the following things that you will be looking for when auditioning them-
  • Volume & clarity– This is the most important thing. If the audience can’t hear what is going on it doesn’t matter how good the acting is because they will not understand any of it.
  • Expression– A loud voice is excellent but if it is monotone and lacks expression then the audience will fall to sleep!
  • Characterisation– Probably the most difficult to find! The ability to change who they are. To really become the character that they are playing.

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