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The Audition

Default FrameGive a demonstration of the audition piece to your young performers!  You really need to be larger than life & on no account should you show any of the embarrassment you are most probably feeling!!! Students learn so much from watching so this is an excellent way to show them exactly what you will be looking for in the audition process. It is also a good idea to allow everyone to watch each others auditions– they can learn from each other and support each other with a round of applause after each audition. Mark the students out of 10 on their acting ability, taking into account volume, expression and characterisation. Put them into score order and make note of who has a strong singing voice. Remember– just because a student is an excellent reader does not necessarily mean that they are going to be a good actor!! You may find that the most surprising students shine when performing on stage. So be prepared to adjust your audition process to fit everyone. Sometimes a student may struggle to read the selected script but may have the most amazing expression when repeating lines back to you.

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