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Default FrameThe time has come to perform the small section of script that you have been practicing!   Try to relax and just perform the piece of script exactly as you have all been practicing with your groups. Remember to be loud and clear, and keep in mind, be the character and not yourself!
You might feel like you want to get the audition over and done with as quickly as possible, but it is important not to rush your words. Stay nice and slow, so that your audience can hear every single word you say! If things do not go how they were meant to, do not worry, have a little pause, and then carry on. This is not like performing the real show, it is about giving the director some ideas about how loud you are, and about whether you might be suited to play a funny character, the hero, or the big bad baddy!
Another thing you might have to do as part of your audition is to sing a little bit of one of the songs. Try not to shout the words, but at the same time make sure you can be heard! It often helps to stand up tall and open your mouth wide! Lots of people find this very scary so just try to imagine you are at home singing in the shower, and enjoy it!

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