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Costume & Make-Up

Default FrameCostumes are the clothes you will wear for the show, and stage make-up is what you might have to wear on your face, which may include face paint!   There are a couple of things to remember when it comes to your costumes and make-up.
  • Costumes are often VERY expensive. You must be very careful when you are wearing them so no running around or knee sliding across the floor!
  • You will also probably be told not to eat or drink while you are wearing costumes!
  • When you have got your costume on, do not take bits back off, such as hats or glasses, as you are likely to then forget to put them back on when you go on stage!
  • If you have got face paint on, do not rub or scratch your face until the show is finished or you might end up with a moustache round your eyebrows!
  • One last thing to remember is to always have a quick check before you go on stage that you look as you should– Are your trousers pulled up so you are not going to trip over them? Should your shirt be tucked in? Finishing touches like this will just give the show that extra sparkle!

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