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Golden Rules

Default FrameThere are some very important rules to follow when rehearsing for and performing your show!  The rules will make sure the show runs safely and smoothly, and will make sure the audience enjoys the show the best they possibly can.
  • SILENCE BACKSTAGE… Any noises made backstage will be heard by the audience. The audience want to concentrate on the people on the stage. If everyone follows this simple rule then the show will be much more enjoyable for all, including you, and the audience!
  • NEVER TOUCH PROPS/SCENERY… The people in charge of props and scenery have put everything in a certain place for a reason. If you pick a prop up and move it, you could easily break it, and the person who put it down there will no longer know where it is! For the show to run smoothly, no one should touch props or scenery unless they have been told to.
  • THINK!… Try to focus on the show at all times in rehearsals and performances. It is important to know where you are in the script, and think about where and when you should be in your next position. If everyone does this, then the entire show should run perfectly!
  • LET’S KEEP IT THE SAME… When rehearsing for the show, the director will ask you to do certain things at certain times, such as moving to another position, pausing, or performing a certain action. It is really important that when they ask you to do something like this, that you then do it exactly the same every single time.
  • THEY LAUGH, YOU WAIT!… The show you are performing is absolutely full of hilarious jokes, comical costumes and silly sounds! The audience are likely to laugh, clap and cheer during the show. An enormous rule when you are on the stage is to stop and wait whenever the audience clap or laugh. Then when they finish clapping or laughing, you may continue to speak. If you do not wait then no one will hear what is said next, and that might mean they miss an even funnier joke than the last one!

And finally the most important rule for all of the rehearsals and shows is…






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