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If Things Go Wrong!

Default FrameEven the most prepared person in the world will sometimes get on stage and forget a line, notice they have forgotten a prop, or suddenly realise that they have got their trousers on inside out!   In live theatre, literally anything can happen, and it is all part of the entertainment, so do not worry! Never panic, just keep calm and carry on. Someone will be there to remind you of what to say or do, and that forgotten prop will make its way to you in one way or the other, and if not, then just pretend it is in your hand and carry on as normal. Remember, the audience have never seen the show before, so they do not know what is really meant to be happening– including that those trousers were meant to be the other way around! If you look like you are having the time of your life on stage, then the audience will have the time of their lives too!

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