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Learning A Script

Learning your lines in the script is essential! You start rehearsals using scripts (“on book”) but soon you will rehearse without it (“off book”). Rehearsals are easier if you’re not stumbling around the stage with your nose in your script! Remember, you also need to know when to say your lines, so you'll need to know the line before yours (your “cue”). If you have learnt your lines well you will be able to give a more confident performance, you will not be as nervous and you will enjoy yourself much more! There are many different ways to learn your lines, the trick is to find what works best for you. Here are some ideas...
  • Start as soon as you get your script and highlight your lines!
  • Read your script lots of times to become familiar with it.
  • Take it in small steps - work on a single page or scene at a time.
  • Read each line out loud, then cover and try without looking. 
  • Repeat this over and over again adding extra lines.
  • Have a friend read other lines in to help you to learn your cues.
  • Try recording yourself saying your lines and keep listening to it.
  • Say your lines with the actions to link them in your mind.
  • Keep practicing scenes you've learnt as you move to new scenes.
  • When your lines are in your head, keep practicing or they'll fall out!

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